Sunday, December 25, 2005

Have A Holly Jolly Finmas!

So this is Christmas. I am, if nothing else a thankful goldfish today. My fin itch is gone (thanks human!) and I have a tank full of friends to think about today. Most of us almost didn't make it here to my human's home.

So many of my 900 other tank-mates have gone on to Aquaria to be with the others who no longer swim in a tanked world. I am thankful to have made the trip albeit in a rather large Ziploc bag to this place I call home.

I have friends here. I know them well and I am grateful to swim with them now. Like I said, most of us did not make it. We swim all around, in and out of this silly pink castle that BB2 loves and adores.

I'm not to sure about my human. He treats us well but humans are, well, humans after all and not Goldies. But he does take care of us, feeds us every night and he changes our water plus, not a week goes by that he doesn’t add something to our tank home.

I guess I'm a lucky Goldie after all when I think of where I could be today. My water is warm now, my fin itch is gone and I am not hungry.

Merry Christmas Human!


PS Lenny and Wanda says the tank could use another hiding place or two! (Hmmmmm, I think not! )


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