Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Years Humans!

Well, here it is another new years for humans. As a Goldie I can't for the life of me figure out why you celebrate the day. Life in Aquairia is different. We fish, at best only live for 20 years and most of us only live a couple of years. We start out as fry, grow for a little while then sold off to whomever wishes to buy us.

It's a short life but we love the life we have for the short time we live it. BB3 nearly saw the end of her tank-life yesterday. She was nearly sucked up into the filter hose because our human forgot one little thing in his effort to keep our aquarium clean. You would think that BB3 would be angry with her human but instead, all she could talk about was how nice it was that we have a new light plus a cleaner aquarium.

I like BB3, she is one of the best tank-mates I have and for the next year, she will be my friend. Will you take time out to overlook someone who has hurt you? I sure hope so because even though humans live much longer, this year could be your last.

Happy New years friends from your tank-mates!



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