Monday, January 09, 2006

Another passing another lesson...

Another Passing & Another Lesson.

Sometime last night, another tank-mate has made the journey to Aquaria. I’ve asked Sal to say a few words but he declined so I’ll fill in for him today. I, the Human, found Wanda as I saw her last night before bedtime nestled near the purple plants. This morning, I found it odd that she was still in the same place.

A close-up view told the story; she had slipped past her watery bonds into the gentle waters of Aquaria where no goldfish feels the pain of Ick nor the sting of parasites. She swims freely through ammonia free waters and gently glides an everlasting perfect Ph. Level. She will be missed by her tank-mates.

It’s been a few hours since the discovery and the tank has returned to normal. Sal zips back and forth; Mimi just hides in her pink castle; Lenny looks a little lost, not sure where to go and Wilma keeps looking for pellets at the purple feeding ring. Life has quickly returned to normal at the Goldfish Condo.

Perhaps they have mastered the ability to overcome life’s heartaches in a way we humans have yet to discover. Sometimes we humans just get stuck when something life changing has occurred. We want so badly to have it “the way it was before” that we continually reach back hoping to reclaim what we once had. Sometimes, it’s as if we are driving in our cars only looking at the rearview mirror at what once was instead of viewing all that is ahead of us.

The tank-mates will grieve in only the way goldfish can perhaps by going about the business of being goldfish. No a bad way to go if you ask me.

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