Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crispy Critters or How Ammonia Nearly Killed My Goldfish!

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry the updates have been far and few but setting up a new business is time consuming to say the least!

The Goldies are doing great but I did have a brush with disaster when I let the ammonia level get way out of control. If your goldies especially the golden colored ones begin to develop “smudges” check your ammonia levels STAT!

Ammonia is a by-product of waste (fish poop) uneaten food plus other naturally occurring “stuff” that comes with maintaining a fish tank.

If you begin to see what looks like black smudging on their scales, fins, mouth or bubbles take action right away or you may lose your favorite Goldie!

Stop by PetsSmart and pick up an ammonia testing kit/eliminator for about 10 bucks each and start testing your tank water. Once you begin to see high levels, begin by making a 25% water change then add a product such as:
ACE or Ammonia Cholramine Eliminator by Jungle Products.

Test with:
Quick Dip for ammonia also by Jungle.

I've read that once it starts your goldies are doomed, NOT SO! My Goldie is healing very nicely and is as happy as a clam...errr...Goldfish!



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