Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Live Long And Prosper or Goldfish Lifespan 100 years?

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So just how long will my goldfish keep eating and pooping in my tank? Well according to some anecdotal reports, they can easily live 10, 20 even 50 or more years! (So if humans get grey hair do goldies get ...grey scales?)

Yikes! That's a LOT of fish pellets and water changes! Wow, doing a 10% water change each week or 2.5 gallons that's 1,300 gallons per year OR 32,500 over a period of 25 years. Jeez, I'm feeling tired already!

Here's a couple of reports from


Goldfish can live a long and healthy life if cared for properly. Feeder goldfish have been known to be purchased from petstores to begin the bacteria process for a newly setup tank; however, they survive and grow to be nice looking fish. I have seen many feeders turn into some of the nicest, longest living goldfish yet.

Fact: The oldest living Goldfish to date was a goldfish named Tish owned by Hilda and Gordon Hand of Thirsk, N. Yorkshire, England. Tish lived for 43 years after being won at a fairground in 1956.

Goldfish can have lifespans up to 20+ years if they are fed a varied diet and housed in exceptional water conditions. They need to be in tanks that are not overcrowded. They need sufficient swimming room and do best if they are kept with their own types.

"I purchased two feeder fish at the pet store for 7 cents a piece ten years ago. They have moved with me to three different houses and gone on a three day car ride to move with me where I am today. They now live in an outdoor pond with two young fish that they love chasing and playing with. I look forward to many more years with them. Janel of Chandler, Arizona"

"I got a feeder goldfish when I was about nine years old. I am thirty one now. The goldfish (Buddy),died about eight months ago. For the last year of his life, I had to take him out of the pond. He had went blind and could not compete for food . I run a fish farm now and most of my breeders are from Buddy. The average lifespan of most my goldfish is six to eight years. I am glad Buddy stuck around to keep me company for so long. It is hard to believe how attached you can get to a pet, especially one that has been there for so many years. Thanks, Dan"

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