Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pass the AMMO! Chips, that is . . .

Hey fish-keepers, here is another cool little thing for your goldifish.
I recently bought a product that has been around for a while but new to me called Ammo-Chips! ammo chips

This is one of those gotta have products that will help keep your goldies alive for years to come.

Ammo-Chips come in a yellow carton that looks like a milk carton. Open the box and pour about a quarter cup of the white or creme colored rocks right into your water filter. I use Tetra's Bio-Bag that you can buy from Wal-Mart or any big-box store.

Simply open the filter bag as usual, tamp down the charcoal then add the Ammo-Chips and you're done. Then put the filter into holder as usual.

I love the stuff! I tested my water for ammonia before and after with great results. My ammonia count was next to nothing and has stayed that way since I added the chips.

So what are you waiting for? Run out and get some, your little goldies will be glad you did!

You can also order on-line from Amazon ammo chips


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