Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Years Humans!

Well, here it is another new years for humans. As a Goldie I can't for the life of me figure out why you celebrate the day. Life in Aquairia is different. We fish, at best only live for 20 years and most of us only live a couple of years. We start out as fry, grow for a little while then sold off to whomever wishes to buy us.

It's a short life but we love the life we have for the short time we live it. BB3 nearly saw the end of her tank-life yesterday. She was nearly sucked up into the filter hose because our human forgot one little thing in his effort to keep our aquarium clean. You would think that BB3 would be angry with her human but instead, all she could talk about was how nice it was that we have a new light plus a cleaner aquarium.

I like BB3, she is one of the best tank-mates I have and for the next year, she will be my friend. Will you take time out to overlook someone who has hurt you? I sure hope so because even though humans live much longer, this year could be your last.

Happy New years friends from your tank-mates!


Friday, December 30, 2005

...and now a word from the Human!

Hello, the Human here to give the readers a word of caution! I just installed a new lighting unit to the goldfish fish tank. All was good but I needed to remove the power filter to accommodate the filter. So, I took it out and the tube extension popped out. The cover was put back on but I forgot to put the tube extension back on and poor little Wilma (BB3) was sucked bubble-head first into the tube. YIKES!!!

So remember to check that darn filter BEFORE you turn the power back on. :)

Sigh, sorry BB3!


your Human.

Bad human, no more goldfish crackers for you!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Have A Holly Jolly Finmas!

So this is Christmas. I am, if nothing else a thankful goldfish today. My fin itch is gone (thanks human!) and I have a tank full of friends to think about today. Most of us almost didn't make it here to my human's home.

So many of my 900 other tank-mates have gone on to Aquaria to be with the others who no longer swim in a tanked world. I am thankful to have made the trip albeit in a rather large Ziploc bag to this place I call home.

I have friends here. I know them well and I am grateful to swim with them now. Like I said, most of us did not make it. We swim all around, in and out of this silly pink castle that BB2 loves and adores.

I'm not to sure about my human. He treats us well but humans are, well, humans after all and not Goldies. But he does take care of us, feeds us every night and he changes our water plus, not a week goes by that he doesn’t add something to our tank home.

I guess I'm a lucky Goldie after all when I think of where I could be today. My water is warm now, my fin itch is gone and I am not hungry.

Merry Christmas Human!


PS Lenny and Wanda says the tank could use another hiding place or two! (Hmmmmm, I think not! )

Friday, December 23, 2005

My fins itch!

Dang, my fins are killing me! My human's watching TV and me and my tank-mates are busy bumping into everything and it still doesn't feel any better. Lenny kept bumping into me every time he passed by, the tail nipper!

My human calls it Ick and it feels like it sounds. At first I thought BB2 had sugar on his fins but the closer I swam to him more more it looked like little bugs. Anyway, I laughed at him until he told me I had it too. I really felt when I saw my reflection onthe tank glass wall.

My human put this blue stuff in the tank a few hours ago and it feels a lot better now. Stupid Ick!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mmmmmmmmmm Toasty!

Whew, my goldfish fcilitator has finally put in a water warmer! I love this thing but I have to admit, having something that's plugged in is kind of creepy! But anyway, Lenny keeps bumping into the warming tube and he hates it when he bumps his snout.

Anyway, the warming tube is really nice. From what I could tell from the thermometer it was something like 64 degrees but now, it's a toasty 74 degrees! I might as well be living like tropical fish! :)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Getting chilly!

Burrrr, it's getting cold tonight. Who ever said that goldfish liked cooler water was NUTS! I swim faster but I'm still cold. My human is getting us a water heater, just like the tropicals have, so we won't freeze to death. Anyway, same-same in Da tank today. Wanda keeps bumping her head on the glass and eating all the food and hiding out in the pink castle.

Just why do humans put fake stuff in fish tanks anyway? Like, were fish so we wouldn't figure it out? IT'S PINK PEOPLE! With the exception of that place in L.A. a long time ago, who paints their castle pink? I need Flip This House ASAP if not sooner! Oh, and did I mention it was COLD here tonight?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

My turn for a joke!

Sal says:
Okay, I suppose this joke may not be funny to all humans but to a goldfish, it's a riot!

Little Nancy was in the garden filling in a hole when her neighbor peered over the fence. Interested in what the little girl was up to, he politely asked, "What are you up to there, Nancy?"

"My goldfish died," replied Nancy tearfully, without looking up, "and I've just buried him."

The neighbor was concerned, "That's an awfully big hole for a goldfish, isn't it?"

Nancy patted down the last heap of earth and then replied, "That's because he's inside your stupid cat."

Lenny tells a joke . . .sigh

Lenny says:

What do you get if you cross an elephant with a goldfish?
Swimming Trunks!

A word from the human

Hey it’s the human here and I just discovered that my goldfish were blogging without me knowing about it! I was wondering why my keyboard was getting wet. Make sure to check out the links and Amazon ads to the right. It’s good for you and it’s good for Sal! The more you click, the more food, accessories and goodies he gets!


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Water change

It was bound to happen, it was our first water change since the moving into our new digs. No big deal to me, of course but I thought Lenny was gonna go nuts! Lenny's real name is Bubble Head 2 but he just looks like a Lenny so everyone here in the tank just calls him BB2 or Lenny.

Anyway, like I was saying, Lenny just blows his stack when the water change started happening. He darts here and there no really watching where he was going and BAM, he runs right into the filter hose. It was a riot but boy was he ever mad! The next thing you know, he's tail nipping at anyone he could catch up to but it didn't last long. Lenny tired out quickly then he just swam into the filter's water stream over and over again until he had nothing left.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

PTSD for a friend

Sal the gold fish:
Okay, I'm usually not a fish that panics or is afraid of my own tail BUT, if you have ever woke up with a room mate that was well, deader than a cold mackerel? If so, then you know what I'm going through today.

It was a normal morning last week, nothing out of the ordinary, just the 5(!) of us sharing a 1-gallon tank. Now, it was no big deal but it was crowded and it didn't have the really cool filtration of my old tank back home. It was fun and clean but I was sold off along with 900 of my closest tank-mates.

The guy that bought me or should I say in goldfish PC language, "transferred living-water apartments containing multi-colored fin bearers for human ego stimulation and visual consumption at a price" put us ALL in the same tank! Actually, I along with 5 other tank-mates was free but DON'T get me going! Soon, however he moved us to this snazzy new 10-gallon tank!

Anyhow, Bubble-head 1 dies in the middle of the night and no one hears a thing! No cries for help, no water gasping, nothing! Somewhere in the night he goes fins-up. Tank-mates die all the time at the goldfish birthing center but this was the first time I ever saw a dead, brother fish up close.

It was getting light the morning of the incident and I was trying to get BB1's attention. I was curious because he just kept bobbing up and down near the top of the tank. My first thought was food!, he's found more food! I bumped him over then, he just kinda turned toward me and I saw it! It was in his eyes, so cold and well, lifeless. Something inside of me told me the great FishForce had reclaimed another tank-mate. The stillness made my scales crawl.

I think about him a lot these days. It's been a week and I still can't get him out of my head. I look across the tank I swear I see him at the filter pump. Yesterday, I thought I heard his tail swish but when I quickly swam around he wasn't there.

Humans say that time heals all wounds but honestly, how long do goldfish live? So here I swim, living one water change at a time wishing BB1 could tail-nip me just one more time. :(

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Oh, I almost forgot, I'm the redhead fish in the middle, call me Sal.

Tank Life

Okay, I'm new at this and the stupid keyboard keeps getting wet. I'm a goldfish and I proud of it! I used to think that Beta's were the cool fish to hang around but they were always getting into fights. I think they have anger "issues" or something but then again, I've been known to nip at a tank mate or two if they really ticked me off.

Anyway, I'm a little over a year old and I'm loving tank life to the hilt! Now that I figured out how to use this computer thing without catching my fins in the keyboard (Ouch!) I'll be telly you how it REALLY feels to be a goldfish in a $10.00 tank from Wal-Mart!

Here we are but it's a little messed up since I got the camera all wet.
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